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Finding fun in networking is what NetwingsJ is all about. It's not enough to just install a network, the good thing about NetwingsJ is to deliver it in a secure, fun, and playful way.

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Dear customers and visitors:.

In the past, information technology was easy to understand and very much a hobby. But now, even on a personal level, we live in a world where cloud computing, telecommuting, and devices are popping up one after another.

As a result, I get a lot of questions like, "What's going on with this?" These concerns cover a wide range of fields, from security measures for e-mail to antivirus measures for cloud computing.

I consider myself a computer doctor, and I write this column as I deal with deep computer concerns. I am a "low-conscious" person, but at least in the field of information, I want to be a "conscious" person loved by all.

I am working hard to update my column on a daily basis, hoping to eventually open up a room in my house and become a sole proprietor when the effects of the new coronavirus fade away. Please feel free to contact me.

Norio Tadokoro, President of Engineering and Infrastructure of NetwingsJ, a PC doctor

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■創業記念日 2002年5月23日(当該ドメインを取得した日)

■個人事業開業 2019年5月28日-2020年2月20日(コロナ禍により一旦廃業届提出)

 今後の開業の見通し、自営の目途立たず 今はややこしいです

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